6 Magic Pills that turns quotes into dream jobs that all tradies want!

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Nobody wants to work with crappy clients, you know the ones, they don’t listen to you, they know everything, they know how it’s supposed to be done, they don’t respect your skills and knowledge and they complain about the invoice and never pay you on time. You tend to attract these types of clients when your focus is on price. If you have nothing that makes you different to any other trades person in your market place then price is the only thing people are going to use to differentiate you with other competitors they have received a quote from. There are 6 mistakes trades people make when trying to convert the type of quotes they really want into their dream jobs are;
  1. They don’t spend enough time on the customer’s problems.
  2. They don’t talk about the different solutions / options they can offer.
  3. They never talk about the outcomes the customer can expect.
  4. They don’t use a model / system to show them what they do.
  5. They spend too much time talking about how they are going to do it.
  6. They don’t link value to the price.
There are 3 key elements you have to discuss when you are in a sales process. The WHY, the WHAT and the HOW and the trick is to spend 60% of your time discussing the Why they should use you, 30% in the What you do and 10% in the How you are going to do it. And within each element there are 2 sections which make up the 6 magic pills. WHY (60%) 1. The problems are you going to solve for them. 2. The solutions / options / prescriptions you are going to offer them. WHAT (30%) 3. The outcomes the client is going to get if they use your services. 4. The model/system you are going to use to guarantee the outcomes. HOW (10%) 5. The logistics of how you are going to work with them. 6. The price and terms. Don’t be like every other trades person, have a business that delivers to the client Awesome Service. Remember the clients want you to be reliable, delivery quality and provide them a fixed price jam packed with value and with no surprises. P.S. Whenever you’re ready… here are 4 ways I can help you get organised, get focused and help you make improvements so that your business runs smoother and your lifestyle gets better:
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